Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick Catch Up

We've had some kind of heinous stomach bug circling the ranch, brought home from Sunday School by J.W. and Heidi's sweet little girl... Jason, Darius and Elizabeth are the only ones who haven't had it yet, since it kicked my butt today and Chad's last night. Fun.

Anyhow, in light of how I am currently feeling, this will be a short entry. But I just couldn't let April end without one more post.

Today we made our last credit card payment! We are OUT OF CREDIT CARD DEBT!!!!!!!!!! It feels SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

We've discovered that Indy will entertain himself for hours in the greenhouse and garden (if I prop the door open) with a tennis ball. He throws it for himself and chases it. I've tried in vain to capture this spectacle on camera, but whenever he catches me trying to film him he stops. Maybe one of these days. But here's a photo his tennis ball after a nighttime snowstorm, waiting for Indy to come and play for the day. He now falls asleep at 5pm, crawls into his bed when it's time and then snoozes until morning. Yay for tennis balls!

In other Indy news, he received a package from his grandma after sending her this email. In it were a couple of new squeaky toys, including a super-size Canadian Goose whose squeaker sounds a lot like a fart. If you've ever seen enough NCIS to know that Abby has a stuffed Hippo that farts when you squeeze it, you know the sound I'm talking about. He's been running around with Super Goose, snuggling with it, licking it and squeaking it since we opened the box. Pretty Funny.

Last night, Jason and I went in to Cody to see Fast Five. I went because he wanted to so badly - the Fast and the Furious has never been my cup of tea. Well... aside from the atrocious acting, it was really fun - I enjoyed myself immensely. Apparently, the entire town of Cody came out to see that movie last night. When we exited from our movie (we saw the 6:45 showing) the lobby of the tiny theatre was jam-packed, shoulder to shoulder with folks waiting to go in for the 9pm showing. As I waited for Jason (who took a quick pit-stop), I did some great people watching. And I realized... that everyone was white. It was really strange. I know we're in Wyoming, in the Rodeo Capital of the United States. But I felt very out of place and slightly uncomfortable when I realized that everyone was white. And I myself am white. But I'm so used to a more multi-cultural world. It was very strange.

Other than that, I have some interesting posts stewing around in my head. As I work in the greenhouse I have lots of time to think and compose in my head - hopefully I get some of these ideas that are floating around in there down on paper very soon. I've been feeling inspired. :)

Then, depending on how I'm feeling in the morning, we will hopefully be headed into Yellowstone through the North Entrance tomorrow, since tomorrow is the first of May and the park is officially open! J.W. says that the drive to the North Entrance is one of the most beautiful in the entire United States. Looking forward to it, even if I'm not feeling up to it tomorrow, we'll go soon.

I hope you had a beautiful month of April, as we have (minus the sickness). Hello, May!

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