Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Weeks Later

Indy always finds a good sunny spot to bake himself in. Doesn't he look happy?

It's been two weeks - in fact, today marked the beginning of our third week of work here on the ranch!

In addition to the growth of all the plants in my greenhouse and the beautiful photos Jason's been taking, there's been some significant growth and change in all of us, too.

Here's what I've noticed:

Jason - He's relaxed and happy. He doesn't grump about work anymore. He's creatively fulfilled. He's eating much healthier (except for that one week road trip) and getting more active time outside. He's also trying to grow a goatee. Good luck with that, babe.

Indy - is becoming a lean, mean, muscled machine. He's also filthy dirty and really happy about it. He's NOT allowed off leash yet, and other than making me occasionally crazy, is very good company. Plus he gets lots of sun-bathing time.

Me - My chronic headaches are a thing of the past. I've had a total of three low grade headaches since we've been here, and haven't needed Ibuprofen at all. The tension is loosening up in my neck and shoulders - Jason will attest. I'm eating better. My circulation is improving, even with the colder temperatures (REALLY!!!!!!!). I'm active all day and exhausted and ready for bed every night. I enjoy what I'm doing all day, which is an improvement. And really, who WOULDN'T be feeling better with so much time in the sun (hello, Vitamin D!) and being surrounded by thousands of growing plants. Seriously - there are plenty of studies that show how plants can alleviate depression and enhance happiness. Go buy yourself a houseplant if you don't have one! Geraniums are hardy and have a delicious smell. And don't forget to water it!

Us - We spend a lot of time together everyday, and eat three square meals together, too! Our communication skills (while not in bad shape) are benefiting from this time together. Plus, just being away from everything has really caused us to depend on each other.

As an aside, today we had a special treat for lunch. Heidi invited us all up to have lunch together. She made some delicious (and bean-less - YAY!) chili and homemade cornbread (Gluten-Free for her daughter Tristan and I). AND there was dessert. It was awesome and delicious!

We have this whole weekend off, and are going to spend it together. Tomorrow we're headed into the Big Horn Forest and to check out this Airplane Graveyard Jason saw. Tomorrow night we're grilling with all the staff at the Ranch. Elizabeth's birthday is Saturday and Chad's is Sunday, so we're celebrating both on Saturday night. :) Sunday, weather permitting, we're going to try to go for some kind of hike. All of these things mean that Jason could have some beautiful pictures ready for us all to see soon.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Yay! I hope you're enjoying your weekend too. I'm so glad your circulation is better and it sounds like everyone is benefiting from this working vacation :)