Monday, April 18, 2011


Courtesy of This is our weather today. No wonder I'm slow!

After the rain all day yesterday, and no sign of the sun today (it's been snowing/slushing all day) - I've been in what I call a "low". It's not depressed, it's not sad - it's just tired and quiet and a place I go sometimes. Poor Jason has been worried about me all day, but really I'm just... slow today. It's the weather, and probably hormones (since you can really blame them for anything). And you know? It's okay to be slow sometimes.

I still got a lot accomplished.

And I got to spend some time working with Jason in the photo lab! He was helping me make a poster containing the images and names of all the flowers we have planted in the greenhouse. The company we ordered the seeds from doesn't print images on the packets. And since I can never recall offhand what Asclepias look like (if you do - good for you. They're unusual!), I needed a reference. Especially since I'm starting to put together arrangements of seedlings in the big flower pots. I don't want them to look crazy! So the poster is now up on the inside of the greenhouse door by my work station, and a second one has been cut up into handy dandy flower flash cards (they're sort of like baseball trading cards, just for 36 varieties of flowers). That way I can lay out the images of the flowers I'm thinking of putting together and make sure they'll look nice! It's sort of nerdy, but it will save me a lot of hassle when the bosses come back and want to know what everything is. :)

Hope you're warmer than we are!


  1. I like the flower flashcards :) Very nerdy idea but awesome! It is okay to be slow and the snowy/cold weather does not help. I hope spring comes your way soon!

  2. Brrr! I'd be feeling a little slow, too. But cold weather is always a perfect excuse to curl up under a quilt and read a good book. Oh, and your greenhouse adventures have inspired me to get back out in the yard. We planted some flowers and are looking forward to seeing them grow. I love your flower chart - what a brilliant idea for "seeing" different arrangements before you plant them.

  3. I'm so glad, Jess! Flowers are sneaky. Blink and they've doubled in size and are starting to blossom!