Friday, April 1, 2011

Hardworking Girl

Today was my first day in the greenhouse. Started at 8am, took a lunch break, and worked until 5pm.

Here's a list of all the things I accomplished today:
-Morning and evening watering (checking moisture in soil and watering if needed)
-cleaning and sterilizing seedling trays, foam starter trays and covers (this took a few hours)
-Transplanting 60 too-big seedlings to individual, four inch trays
-Starting new seedlings, once the trays were dry. I think I started 420 seeds, each individually placed today. Maybe more. Tomorrow I will do about the same amount.

In the middle of all this, the power went out in the greenhouse during lunch, meaning when I got BACK to the greenhouse just before 1 it was close to 100 degrees in there. The whole system is automated based on temperature, so if it's hotter than 65 degrees, the windows automatically open. If it's colder than 60 degrees, the heater kicks in. Very cool. Except when the power goes out.

I also had visits from just about everyone on the ranch today, including Mitch and Alice, and all had their own requests and priorities. I'm trying to make all those "priorities" work well together and make sense, making my OWN priority list.

Indy got to spend the day with me in the Greenhouse - it was a perfect sun-bathing day for him in there. This afternoon the sun finally came out and about 2pm it was really comfortable for me to walk around outside of the greenhouse in just my long sleeved shirt! Then the wind kicked up and it was jacket time again.

We had an INCREDIBLE dinner last night and lunch today, all cooked for us by the awesome, awesome guest chef Anthony. Dinner last night was a four course meal - I could eat EVERYTHING from each of the three courses, and THEN, he prepared me my own special Erin-friendly dessert. :) Lunch today was delicious again. And I think we're having some kind of pork for dinner tonight. MMMMMMMM!!!!!!

I am so exhausted, I hope I don't fall asleep in my food tonight!

Sorry for the lack of photos today. I seem to have misplaced my camera. Will find it soon. :)


  1. Sounds awesome, Bears! I'm glad you got to have your own dessert-that was very nice of the chef. I hope you find your camera soon so we can see pictures of all your veggies in the greenhouse!

  2. Yay sissy, so glad that they're so nice about your g-freeness :) loving your blog, I'm addicted!