About Me

Hey there and welcome! I'm Erin - a wife, performer, director, choreographer, teacher, avid traveler and gluten free advocate. My background is in dance, I hold a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Michigan, and have studied voice for fifteen years. In August, 2015, I will begin a three year program at Penn State University to earn my MFA in Directing for the Musical Stage. I've spent the last nine years working as a director and choreographer for musical theatre, a performer, a dance and acting teacher (ages 2-22) and for a few hilarious years, an occasional substitute teacher. Jason and I were married in October of 2010, and I continue to fall more in love with him every day.

Speaking of my husband, he is a landscape photographer with his Masters and Bachelors degrees from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). His work took us to a Ranch in Wyoming, just outside of Yellowstone National Park, where he was the staff photographer from 2011-2012. What that meant for us was an opportunity to work on our marriage (because what good marriage doesn't take work), to get our finances in order and get out of debt, and the opportunity to travel all over the world from 2011 to 2012.  At the moment, he's stretching his Art School skills as the Director of Printing Operations for a big fine-art printing company here in Florida.  We are blessed to be two artists making a living at creating… ART!  If you want to check out Jason's work, visit him on Instagram @jasonspeerphoto, or visit his website by clicking the tab up above.

Here we are on my 30th Birthday in Rome.  Yes, that's the Coliseum in back.
We celebrate in STYLE!  October, 2012.
In November 2012, we made the move to Orlando, Florida for family reasons.  For all intensive purposes, I would have thought that a move to a smaller acting market would slow my career down.  Instead, it has (surprisingly and wonderfully) sped my career up.  Since the start of 2013, I have been working non-stop as a Film and Commercial actor.  Exciting times to be sure!  I also have begun to teach dance again, both at Florida Southern College (Adjunct Professor - Musical Theatre) and as a member of the Dance Station Orlando staff, and am enjoying the mental and physical challenges it brings with it.  On a non-arts related note, living in Orlando has brought us closer to the Caribbean, and since Jason and I are avid scuba divers, the proximity has been AMAZING!

Diving with Sharks in the Bahamas. This photo is 100% real! February, 2012.
Living Gluten Free is a major part of my life. After ten years of unexplained illness, a well-respected nutritionist told me that she believed that my problem was gluten and that it was likely that I have Celiac Disease. Without a diagnosis, I cut out the gluten, and 48 hours later woke up feeling so much better it was like I was a different person. I never looked back, and one by one most of my health issues have resolved themselves.

In June of 2014, I was diagnosed with another auto-immune condition, Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (which my Rheumatologist believes is Lupus).  My general practitioner calls me a "walking auto-immune disease", which I don't mind at all because it was her sharp eye that caught my Connective Tissue Disease much earlier than most other doctors would have.  Because she was so on top of it, we've been able to prevent my disease from becoming full blown Lupus.  What this has meant for me is more medications and even more drastic changes in diet to an anti-inflammatory autoimmune protocol.  I eat primarily Paleo these days (with the occasional gluten free goodie thrown in), and it's really helped with my blood work and symptoms, though I'll be honest, some days just suck.  After five years of life gluten free, the transition to a Paleo lifestyle wasn't that hard, and I'm so thankful to be able to help alleviate my symptoms with my diet.

Indiana Jones.  A true adventurer.
Oh! I should also introduce our dog. This is Indy! He's nine years old, a total sweetheart and a big ol' ball of energy. He loves to chase things, we can't keep him out of the swimming pool and though he is going gray and has graduated to senior dog food, shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Welcome to our journey!

Possibly my favorite photo from our October, 2010 wedding.


  1. Erin!!!
    It's Savannah!
    Are you working at Hawkeye again this summer?

    1. Hi Savannah!

      We sure are!! No solid start date yet, but sometime in April is what it sounds like. :) How are you doing? Will you be back this summer? Hopefully we'll be able to see you - even if it's just when you're vacationing at the Majo!

  2. Oh that's great!
    Yeah I am coming back :). But only for a few weeks. I guess riding is supposed to be pretty light this year due to the lack of guests, so I'm going to work the weeks guests are there!

  3. Must have been cool having a dad who was on the case of M*A*S*H !!