Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More of the same

I was debating whether or not to write a blog tonight, simply because there's not a whole lot that's NEW here at the Ranch. That's not a bad thing, except for in a blog. :)

Here's what I can tell you that's new and interesting:

-There's another creature living in the greenhouse and eating my seedlings. The mousetraps came back out tonight.

-I made a killer Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner tonight. I knew it was good because Jason said, "Babe, you can make this for me any time you want to. It's that good." And he only says that when the food is really that good. Plus it was super healthy. But I ate too much and am now stuffed to the gills and relaxing with Jason on the couch. You know that feeling when you ate so much that you just can't get uncomfortable? That's me right now.

-I had a really interesting email today. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as I decide what to do about it. (It was a good email, promise).

-The bosses, Mitch and Alice are back. They seem to be pretty happy with what they call my "jungle", so that's good!

-Fingers crossed, I'm going to get to ride later this week!

That's it!!! Time for the TopShot Season Finale!

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