Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going Home

Last weekend, on the busiest day of our entire summer, I was cut loose from the ranch to go home to LA for Jen and Chris' wedding.

Because we were so busy, Jason wasn't able to come with me. Given the short nature of my visit, it was a whirlwind. There was no rest for the weary, but MAN did I have a blast.

I was able to get in some quality time with my family - Mom, Dad, Kelli, Jeff - a little bit of time (never enough) with Solange and Caity (but no Nik - he was super busy helping with Solange's brothers wedding), and even Steph. I live in Wyoming, Steph lives in South Africa and we were both in LA at the same time for ONE DAY. So we got pedicures together and had a great chat.

And of COURSE - the main event! Jen's wedding! She was a beautiful bride (of course - she's just gorgeous), and Chris was so handsome. I watched him watch her walk down the aisle to him, and the love in his eyes was amazing.

I also had a BLAST at the reception with some really wonderful friends who I never get to spend enough time with anymore.

And on Sunday I flew back to the ranch and got right back to work. We're still pushing through the week, and I'm EXHAUSTED but it has been so much fun!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend!

My Caity Monkey is 3 1/2 now! Crazy!

Solangey - is going to have baby #2 in a few weeks!

With the bride to be!

My wedding shoes got to go for another go-round. Awesome aren't they?

Congratulations Chris and Jen!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dog Nirvana

It's been no secret on this blog in the past year that our dog Indy loves the ranch. It's like Dog Nirvana. Dog Nirvana being a dream land where there're a lot of things to smell and pee on, lots of small critters to chase and kill, lots of big critters to chase and get in trouble for, things to roll in, chefs to feed you meat scraps and nice, sunny, warm spots to nap in when everything else has worn you out.

For Indy, being a city dog was definitely a disadvantage. He didn't know how to be off leash without losing his mind with joy, he didn't understand that getting kicked by a horse can kill you, he just has his ancient wild dog instinct - chase.

Last summer, I was able to ease him slowly into being off-leash and free to roam the ranch. He mostly did really well (by mostly I mean that he only chased the horses a few times), but I limited his time off-leash outside the garden - a few hours a day when I could keep close tabs on him.

This year has been so different. Since the garden is no longer my responsibility, I can't drop Indy off in there where he can't get into serious trouble but could still be outside. The options this year have been to a)keep him in the cabin (Sad.) or b) Get him an electronic collar and train him to be a ranch dog.

We chose option b. We ordered a SportDog electronic collar - he wears the collar and I carry the remote that operates the collar with me all day. If Indy hyper-focuses on a horse or the steer, I can buzz him to get his attention. If he disappears while I'm cleaning the lodge or a guest cabin, I can buzz him to get him to come back.

There is a zap button on the remote - and it's for the times that he's really in trouble. I've been calling and buzzing and calling and buzzing, and he's so stimmed out on chasing ground squirrels (we call them Picket Pens) that he still doesn't come. A good zap gets his attention and gets him moving in the right direction. (I should mention that there are varying intensities ranging from 1-10 for you to use based on the size and disposition of your dog - Indy only needs his on an intensity of 2.)

It also keeps him from getting killed by a horse or a steer stampede that he's created.

Pretty effective.

And since part of working on a ranch means your dog gets to go to work with you, Indy is now a working ranch dog. Eradicating the Picket Pen population day by day.

And he gets to spend all of every day outside - sniffing, rolling, peeing, chasing - living the dream in Dog Nirvana.

We should've bought the E-Collar a year ago. I don't think we'll ever train a dog without it again!

Speaking of the ranch, here's one of Jason's photos from the ranch. You can see it on his Etsy Shop by clicking HERE!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

La Familia Viene

Losely translated as - the Family Cometh. :)

Two weeks ago (yes - it's been that long), we were blessed to have Jason's family come to visit us at the Ranch for a few days. We had a blast, and they said it was one of their best vacations ever.

We went horseback riding, ATV-ing, we "shot shit" at the shooting range, we ate wonderful food prepared by Chef Andrew, we saw all that Cody had to offer (i.e. - The Buffalo Bill Historical Center, annual Native American Pow-wow, the Cody Nite Rodeo, the Silver Dollar Bar, and the Boot Barn). We just had an awesome time.

So - here are some photos from their visit, and a pretty cute video from the Cody Nite Rodeo of the nightly kids contest - who can be the first to take the ribbon of the calf?

There are a lot more photos from their visit, but they're in the cameras of G'ma Joyce, Catherine and Deborah. If I get my hands on some of them, I'll add more posts.

Rob and Bob cross the River. Photo by Jason.

Crossing the River. Photo by Jason.

Rob sits on Hollywood the bull at the Cody Nite Rodeo.

Rob gets in the spirit at Boot Barn.

Tommy and Deborah waiting for the Rodeo to begin.

Heading out on our ride. Photo by Jason.

Deborah and Catherine on ATVs.

Deborah on her ATV.

We're only missing G'ma Joyce in this photo!