Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Snowing, its Dumping, the old man is...

I'm not sure how to finish that rhyme in the title. I was trying to be cute and use, "It's Raining, It's Pouring, the old man is snoring..." But the old man has to be doing something that rhymes with dumping, and well, humping is not appropriate. Thoughts?

So, I know... I keep posting about plants and snow.

But that's what I've got going on right now, and you know, I'm not at all bored by it! (You'd think after three years of college in Michigan, that I wouldn't get so excited about snow!)

Indy isn't bored of it either. He loves the snow! Check out this short video of him from this morning before several more inches fell.

Speaking of inches of snow, we're in a winter storm. We've had about 4 inches of accumulation since this morning, and are expecting another ten or so between tonight and tomorrow. WOW!

Heidi and her two kids (ages 3 and 1 1/2) bundled up and sledded down to see Indy and I (and to help me answer the question of what color flowers had been planted in what hanging basket). Her son and daughter are too precious, and were totally bundled up in snow outfits as only young kids can be. They looked like the Michelin man!

Indy thought they were pretty cute too. :)

And Indy was pretty cute... We've had so much snow that some has even accumulated on the ceiling of the greenhouse (usually it just melts right off of the glass). It started to drop off the ceiling in great big clumps, making a booming kind of a sound which scared the crap (not literally) out of Indy. He spent the last hour or two of the day huddled under the planting table where I was working. Poor little guy.

Still missing Jason while staying warm and dry (mostly) in Wyoming!


  1. The old man is slumping! hahahaha.... I totally though humping at first-crazy how our minds just go there.

    I LOVE little kids in snow clothes-so cute. Stay warm and get your feet out of that snow!!!!

    Yay!!! A feet picture :)I'll bet Jason's getting some snow where he is!

  2. Unfortunately for Jason, no snow where he's at. But he HAS been shooting some awesome pictures of middle America!

  3. LOVE the Indy video :) too cute! Crazy that it's snowing sooo much, but it looks beautiful! Miss you!