Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I hate the California DMV

My Driver's License Renewal was mailed to my parents house last week - my current license expires October 16. Great - I can renew it online. WRONG. After 13 years of driving and mailing in my Renewal, having them send me a new license without a visit to the DMV, I finally have to go in. Unfortunately, the timing couldn't be worse - I won't return to California until the weekend before Thanksgiving, long after my Driver's License is set to expire.

So, mom sends me the phone number and I call to see if there's any possibility I can get an extension. After all, I don't really want to be traveling back and forth across the United States with an expired Driver's License. Especially one from California. Police in other states LOOOOVE to pull over people in cars with California plates.

Do you know what the wait time is to speak to a human being at the California DMV? 1 hour and 45 minutes. Ewww. I patiently waited for half an hour before my call got disconnected. Now I'm on hold again, and the 30 minutes I already waited are gone - I get to start all over.

So, I think, while I'm waiting, I should be able to send them an email requesting information on the possibility of an extension on my driver's license. Nope. The only option is to wait on hold for an eternity on my day off.

That's right - today is our day off, and I am on hold with the California DMV.

Makes me want to switch to a Wyoming Driver's License. No lines, no waiting, someone to help you right away. I guess that's what comes with living in the least populated state in the Union.

But no, I don't really want to switch my residency - I'm a lifelong resident of California, and at least for now, irregardless of the stupidity/bureaucracy that is the DMV, I'll stay that way.

But seriously? This waiting stinks.


  1. Yuck. I hate the DMV too. SO not looking forward to renewing mine this year too :(

  2. HA!!! The DMV is RIDICULOUS!! I'm not even going to get started on one of my rants...I would be here all day. Loved watching this though. It's about a DMV driving examiner!