Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sheep and more snow!

It kept snowing last night and finally stuck a little - at least until this afternoon. Here's what Hawkeye looked like when I got up this morning.

Then, later, as I was headed back to the ranch from the airport and more ranch errands - the H3 filled with plants, groceries and laundry detergent - I finally came upon the Bighorn Sheep that winter in the South Fork Valley. They were in one of the Hawkeye pastures - their horns aren't too big yet, but isn't the little one just too cute?

Jason left on his photo trip with Mitch this morning. Right now they're somewhere in Nebraska I think. I'll confirm when I Skype with him later. I miss him like crazy, especially now that it's dinner time and I'm going to go and rustle up something for myself. :(

Hope you had a happy hump day!


  1. Nice pics of the sheep and really good one of the ranch with the Mt's in the back

  2. Obsessed with the baby big horn :)