Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I haven't been writing on this every day like I'd like to. I will try to remedy that for you few (my family...) who have been checking this blog daily.

Here's the news - the Chef, Anthony, arrived today and will be filling our tummies for lunch and dinner every day but Sunday for the rest of the summer. Hooray!

In other news - I forgot to let you know that we caught and killed another mouse in the greenhouse last week. Where there are two, there's probably more. Haven't seen any signs just yet, but my eyes are open.

We've had two beautiful days in a row (50's and Sunny - This won't last long), which means I've started to work in the outdoor garden. (As an aside, I have a two inch stripe of sunburn on my lower back from the combo of my shirt riding up and my pants riding down. I put sunscreen on my low back that morning, but it must have rubbed off with my shirt and pants moving around. Jason thinks it's funny. I think it hurts. I spent all day with my shirt tucked in today.) Because we've still got at least one or two snowstorms and it gets below freezing at night, the only things I could plant outside were potatoes and red and yellow onions. No pictures because frankly, potato hills look like lumps of dirt. They're not cute. This was my first potato planting experience, so hopefully it all goes well. I did lots of reading before planting and hey, I'm Irish. Except for the potato famine, the Irish have always been gifted at growing potatoes.

Indy got in big trouble today. I leave the door open to the garden (which is fenced in) as long as the weather's decent. This way he can play and be outside. It keeps him happy and busy. Which keeps me happy and busy. Apparently, Indy got bored with his ball today. He dug up 5 of my potatoes and unearthed about 5 more. Not only did I have to replant all of them (except for the one that had all the teeth holes in it - that one went in the compost bin), but I now have to check the potatoes every time I walk in and out of the gate. Indy knew he was in trouble and that I was very mad because he proceeded to hide under the planting table in the greenhouse for an hour. I just don't know what I'm going to do with him if he can't stay out of the things I've planted. He's been okay so far, simply because the outdoor garden hasn't gone in. But seriously? He can't keep doing things like this. So, three strikes, and Indy will get to spend lots of time in the bunkhouse until he learns the error of his ways. Any ideas on deterring him? I can't spend my whole day watching him - I have work to do. And my squirt gun that I keep on the table in the greenhouse will only work on him if I catch him in the act!


Anyhow - off to set the table for dinner and see if Anthony needs any help, unskilled though that help may be.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Happy Tuesday! Hope the food in your tummy was yummy.
    Naughty Indy. I think it's great that he put himself on timeout :)