Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've written a few times about the mouse from hell in the greenhouse.

I forgot to make Jason go in and check and move the traps this morning. So of course, I walked in and... ta-da! Dead, fat mouse in mousetrap. I was horrified. You have to understand, I never choose to kill anything, and if I ever had to face my food, would probably just choose vegetarianism.

So how did I handle it? No histrionics, although I felt like having a little bit of a scream and a cry. Instead, Indy and I turned right around and headed straight for the photo studio to make Jason come and take care of it. It was a cold walk. 19 Degrees at 8am. But I was not going back into that greenhouse until Jason had handled the mouse.

Hellmouse, who had been making itself fat and happy on my peas, leeks and lettuce is now dead.

Indy still thinks it's in the greenhouse and continues to keep his eyes out for any small movement. Hopefully there isn't another one in there.

RIP, Mouse. You were very happy just before the end.


  1. ewww! But your last line cracked me up. He led a better life that most mice, albeit a short one :)

  2. Poor mouse, but it did eat a lot so at least he went full! :( That would have freaked me out.