Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Post 100!

For my ONE HUNDREDTH BLOG POST I decided to do things a little bit differently, so for tonight I made a video tour of the greenhouse... It's long, and probably only my family will watch this video all the way through. But it's there for you if you want to see it or skip around and get an idea of the space where I spend so many hours every day. :)

Today I worked my tushie off in the greenhouse. I had to replant ten of the planter boxes. They were waterlogged and not draining, so I temporarily replanted all of the flowers in them, dug out half of the soil and mixed it with some drier soil, finally replanting the geraniums, petunias, verbena and bacopa. A lot of work. And you know? I enjoyed every minute of it. Who knew?!

Jason leaves for a week early tomorrow morning. I'm going to miss him so much! I've decided that on my day off this Sunday that I'm going to town to check out the Buffalo Bill Historic Center, see a movie and have a massage if I can swing it.

And in case you were interested, it's dumping snow outside right now - big, fluffy flakes. Gorgeous!

Now for our favorite Tuesday night activity - episodes of "Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy" and "Top Shot" on the History Channel.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I loved watching the video! I can't believe your in charge of all that...I'm very impressed sis, and a little jealous of how fun your job is :)