Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, Wyoming Style

Happy Easter!

Our Easter Sunday in Wyoming went a little something like this:

-I woke up in a bad mood. If you know me well enough, you know that when I'm really hungry I am not a nice person. Poor Jason - I woke up that way today. Grabbed a banana and checked my mood on the way into Cody.

-Our Place was not open for Easter Sunday. This was no surprise to me, as I (in my amazing mood) had predicted it. So, we went to Granny's for breakfast instead, and it was still very good.

-We headed up the North Fork, which is the road that leads into Yellowstone Park from Cody. The park doesn't open until May 1, but we went all the way up to the road closure. A few miles before the road closure, we had our first Moose sighting. It was running along the side of the road and disappeared into the woods as only a Moose can. For their size, they are very difficult to spot! Anyhow, no photos as it happened so fast, but it was really cool!

-Saw lots of fly fishermen out on the Shoshone and it made me think of my dad. Some of the best fishing in the country is happening here right now, I guess. I know because my dad has been calling the fly shops in Cody. :)

-Went for a 3 mile hike in the Shoshone National forest up on the North Fork. It was an old burn area, and it didn't really photograph well but it was really cool looking. We saw a herd of about a hundred elk running through the hills above us - very different than coming upon them grazing in the meadows. They were headed back toward Yellowstone Park - it's that time of year. Saw some fresh bear scat on the trail, and promised dad that we won't hike again until we get some bear spray. Plus, my crankiness returned - the trail was really muddy and it made me a little crazy. I've since apologized to my husband. To keep my ears warm on the trail, Jason made me an "ear band" out of the sleeve of his undershirt. Classy. But it worked.

-Short trip to Wal Mart for some bananas, $3 cheapo slippers for my feet, $5 cheapo sunglasses that Jason won't feel bad about beating to hell, and some general browsing. Jason found this little beauty. It has a bottle opener in the brim. Classy. I did not let him buy it. It was not an appropriate purchase for Easter Sunday.

-It took us almost an hour to find an open restaurant in Cody that wasn't serving Easter Brunch at almost 3 in the afternoon. We finally found a bar that was serving really good burgers and barbecue.

-Back to the ranch for blogging and visiting. Elizabeth and Darius are having a fire down by the river, so we'll probably head down there in a little bit. :)

Hope you had a great Easter!

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