Thursday, April 21, 2011

Indy's Letter

This is actually an old photo from January, taken at the Kelso Dunes, but I was looking for an Indy photo I haven't used on the blog yet! (I've misplaced my camera again...) Yes... I look crazy. It was really, really, really cold up there.

This is the email that Indy sent to his Grandma and Great-Grandma last night. Their responses are below. Lucky Indy!

dEeR GraNdmA -

LiFe Iz gud heaR in Why-Oh-minG. I giT twO pLaY anD Git DuRTy eVry DAy. My oNE coMplAinT iz THaT mY MOm ANd daD onlY pacKEd tWo SkWeeKY tOyz fOR mE, anD My DUcK-DUcK Iz looziNG itS FlUffee InSidES and sATisfyInG SKweekiNesS. PLEEZ sEND skwerLy, GouSy and B-RabIT. LIfE iz LoanLEe wiThOut dEM.

I MiSs U anD OuR PlAy tIme

kIssuZ ANd ScRatChuz,


From his Grandma Catherine:
My dearest Indy boy,
Please get your Mommy to send me your address and I will happily send you new squeaky toys to play with and drive your parents crazy!! Miss you and love you all bunches!!

From his Great Grandma Joyce:
Deer indy,

You are my favorite great-grand puppy. No body comes and gets in bed with me here at my house. I am looking forward to seeing you in Sept.

Love you loads,
Great G’ma

In other news, I went into town today with Elizabeth to pick up the Yukon which was in the shop getting repaired after hitting an Elk. And it's snowing again. On my shopping list for town? Jelly Beans for J.W. and Heidi's three year old son who saw HOP with his grandma this week, and has visions of pooping Jelly Beans. There were other things on the shopping list, too, but that was definitely the best. :)

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