Monday, May 9, 2011

Jellystone and its Buffalo

Sunday, we finally made it into Yellowstone and stayed in the park for 12 hours. I'd never been in the park during the Spring before, and have to say that it is AWESOME when there aren't a gazillion people around or in your way. Unfortunately, several roads in the park and all of the hiking trails have not yet opened due to snow. So, we'll get to do some hiking eventually.

If you want to see some gorgeous photos of the Park, you should go to Jason's Blog and see what he shot. It was exciting to see him so inspired - inspiration doesn't always come when you want it and other times it comes in a tidal wave. This was a tidal wave day.

He was so excited and inspired that he leapt out of the car and asked me to take a picture of him with the Yellowstone sign. If you know Jason, you know it's like pulling teeth to get him on the other side of the camera. But on Sunday, he actually volunteered. If you click on the photo, it will enlarge and you'll be able to see how happy he is. :)

Did I mention that they've had more snow in Yellowstone this year than they've had in the last fifteen years? Here's the Sylvan Pass from the East Entrance into the park.

In this video clip, Jason tries to get on top of the snow to shoot the trees on the other side. Pretty funny - third time's always the charm. :)

We saw tons of Buffalo, like this guy...

and these guys butting heads in Mammoth Springs while we were having lunch...

In fact, there were so many Buffalo that they had to give us this card when we entered the park:

But then we saw this little guy and his mom:

He couldn't have been more than a couple of days old. And it made me think again - Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there. Thanks for putting up with behavior like this:

Other than that? It was a super enjoyable Sunday with my husband in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Did I mention it was cold?

Here's another comment that Blogger decided to delete when it went down for the day:

From Jess:
You guys are so cute! I can't wait to see more photos from Yellowstone as Spring and Summer progress. And the baby buffalo is so sweet!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love it! I especially enjoyed the video of the buffalo just wandering down the road. What an incredible experience for you two! It looks like you two are really happy. It makes a huge difference in a wife when her husband is enjoying his job. Love you guys and again, thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  2. Great pictures :) SO glad you're having fun-it looks so beautiful there!

  3. You guys are so cute! I can't wait to see more photos from Yellowstone as Spring and Summer progress. And the baby buffalo is so sweet!