Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

We've had a gorgeous two days here - short sleeve weather even for me - which has meant a return to working outside after three days of snow and rain. Weather like we yesterday and today gives me the urge to pull everything out of the greenhouse and get it planted and placed. My saner side, however, knows that the weather in Wyoming changes as quickly as it did in Michigan. Blink and you can go from short sleeves to a snow jacket in one day. Heck - in an hour! Which means I have to tamp down my instincts and protect my little plants from frost. Still... the potatoes and onions are in, and I put in an experimental three rows of Spinach today. It's too hot for spinach in the greenhouse, so we'll see if it's hardy enough to be outside. If it gets frostbitten, well, I'll just plant more.

Working outside also means a return to cleaning out the outdoor beds and lots and lots of rocks. I finally took a picture as I was working today (Solange, this is for you). These rocks are from a quarter of the bed you see. Just a quarter. And most are within the top two inches of the soil, which hasn't been turned since last year, so someone was very, very lazy last Spring. Oh well.

The return of Spring here has meant the return of all the birds and bugs. The birds are awesome, but I could do without the flies. You should see the size of the bumblebees that are always in the Greenhouse! They're so cool, but a little scary on the occasions where they buzz my head. At least we have no mosquitos yet, and we're hoping that the snow this weekend killed all the ticks that had already hatched out!

The sunshine has also caused regular avalanches in the mountains by the ranch as the snow up there melts. Don't worry - they're small! You'll hear a big booming sound like thunder and then look up and see rocks tumbling down (not onto the ranch - we're far enough away!). There are also some beautiful waterfalls that have appeared across the mountainside!

No leaves on the trees yet, but the lilacs are budding so that's a good sign!

The food is still incredible - we are so spoiled. We had dinner at the Old Faithful Inn on Sunday, and even though it was a $50 dinner, all either one of us could think about was how much better the food on the ranch is. We're ruined for restaurants!

We'll be moving out of the bunkhouse and into our cabin in another few weeks here and we're really looking forward to having our own space. The bunkhouse has been great, but sometimes you just want to sit and watch TV or a movie without other people around, you know? There are currently four adults (the chef is in here, too) and two dogs sleeping in the bunkhouse, and although there are four bedrooms, there's only one bathroom. It's working out, but again... looking forward to our own space where I only have to pick up after Jason. It's a lot like living in my college co-op again, actually!

And I'm watching House Hunters International as I write this (they're in Makarska, Croatia on the Mediterranean and it's gorgeous), and Indy is chasing flies. Life is so good.


  1. Thanks for the pic! I can't believe those rocks! Do they just appear there?!
    EW to the ticks and mosquitoes!!! I'm not there to tempt the mosquitoes so I hope they leave you two alone :)
    Try to get footage of the avalanches and waterfalls.
    Miss you! Love you!

  2. wow - when you mentioned rocks a few posts back, I pictured pebbles, not actual ROCKS. that's a lot of work!