Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So lucky

Food is good. So good. And you can never really appreciate how good wonderful food can be until you can't have an entire food group.

I waxed poetic about our new chef Anthony when we first got here. He's back. And last night was our first meal of the season. I have to say, that if he keeps making food like he did last night (after a 6am flight out of San Diego, not arriving in cody until 1pm, doing a TON of grocery shopping, arriving at the ranch at 4pm, getting settled and then finally making dinner which was ready at 6:30 on the nose) that I'm going to have to start using the gym at 5pm with Jason. Three courses last night: a salad with an orange vinaigrette, crispy prosciutto, cheese and grapefruit slices; filet mignon (I'm not sure that was the cut, but it sure tasted like it) on top of a butternut squash risotto, with roasted asparagus and green onion and a red wine jus (That risotto was to die for); and dessert - macerated berries, some kind of special cream, and roasted, cinnamon-ey apple slices. The only thing I couldn't eat in the whole meal was the puff pastry base for the apples - he made mine without. Did I get sick? No. Did I eat everything on my plate each of the three courses? Yes. And that's how we'll be eating until the fall.

So lucky. So, so, so lucky and blessed to be here. Living rent and utilities free, having all of our groceries paid for (that was a huge surprise), working for people who appreciate hard work and treat their employees with respect, doing work that I enjoy with people I enjoy, getting out of debt and saving 2/3 of every paycheck, and now... eating incredible food every day.

So lucky.

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  1. That is so amazing! I'm so happy that you guys have this great opportunity to get rid of your debt and grow together in your first year of marriage. You guys are super lucky!!!

    I SO want all that food!