Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Road Trip Update

Okay! I have some more details to share about our upcoming road trip. We are leaving on Thursday, Sept 29 and driving for two solid days until we get relatively close to Ann Arbor. Why? Because on Saturday we have TICKETS FOR THE MICHIGAN/MINNESOTA GAME!!!!!!!!!! Back to the Big House I go. We've already ordered Jason his first MICHIGAN shirt, so he'll be dressed for the occasion! So excited to get to spend a day in Ann Arbor, to show Jason my school and to see the changes for myself. I'm definitely going to stop by my old co-op (where I lived for 3 years) and see what's changed. :) Who knows? Maybe they'll even let me in the door! And you know? That makes me think of a couple of good stories (one in particular) that I should write on this blog. Hmmm....

Jason's trip keeps getting extended, so now he'll be gone for the entire month of October, arriving back at the Ranch sometime around the 27th/28th, when we'll spend one day letting him rest, and then pack up the car and head for Florida. Because he's going to be gone so long and it will be SOOOO quiet on the ranch (the rest of the seasonal staff leaves on Oct 1), I'm going to ask the Ranch Manager if I can have some family here for my birthday weekend. That'll break up the quiet and give me something to look forward to. Fingers crossed for me, okay? I'm nervous about asking because they've already given me the opportunity to drive with Jason to New Hampshire... Well, the worst they can say is no, right?

Our next group grew suddenly from three guests to six. That's the way it works sometimes - people invite themselves up here. What can you do? They've changed their dates from this weekend to next week, so I have a couple extra days to get the cabins ready. And then we'll head out on our adventure before they're gone. When I get back to the Ranch on Oct. 5, I'll start closing down cabins for the season.

I harvested some of the Red/White/Purple Potato blend today. Still excited about potatoes! Tony's using them in tonight's dinner. :) They're mostly dirty in the photo, but you can see bits of color. This is the output from just 5 seed potatoes, and it doesn't even include the ones I pulled out to save for next year's potato crop!

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