Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baking again

Sunday I actually felt like baking for the first time in a LOOOOONG time. Of course - I was missing one ingredient from every recipe I wanted to try. I'm not a good enough baker, especially gluten free, to just wing it without the missing ingredient. After all, gluten free baking is more about Chemistry than baking. Finally, hours later (after Heidi got home from town and I was able to steal some chocolate from her), I finally got to the baking process.

What did I make? Gluten Free Tagalongs. Yes - the Girl Scout Cookie. MMMM. You know the one with a cookie and peanut butter covered in Chocolate? THOSE are Tagalongs. They are delicious. And I haven't had one in more than two years.

So, I found this recipe from Jules Gluten Free.

I'm not reposting it here, because, well, it's her recipe and I didn't tweak it at all. And I didn't photograph them, cause they aren't all that pretty - I had trouble dipping them without making a mess. I will say that the process took a long time, I had to chill the dough after I made it. Two hours later, I baked the cookies. Then I had to let them cool. I made the peanut butter filling, spread it on the cooled cookies. Popped them in the freezer for twenty minutes. Then I finally dipped them in Chocolate, and had to let the chocolate set up.

But I WILL tell you that they are delicious. To die for. The Tagalong of my dreams, only better cause there are no preservatives in it!

MMMM. Thank you, Jules, for bringing me back to Girl Scout Cookies.

Now go, see the recipe and try them!

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