Friday, September 23, 2011

Indian Summer

After two weeks of cold weather - long sleeves, jackets, morning frost and (just two days ago) long underwear, we have suddenly found ourselves in the middle of an Indian Summer. The daytime temperature got up to the mid-80s today, and the short sleeve shirts that I'd packed away in a suitcase, ready for Florida, were suddenly pulled out.

It was gorgeous today. Beautiful. The leaves are starting to turn red, so it looks like Autumn and feels like Summer. A classic Indian Summer, and it's supposed to last through the weekend. I plan to bask in the warm weather before it inevitably turns cold again.

I love Indian Summer!

The wild Hops vines (yes... wild hops - there's some beer making happening here on the ranch!) on the Bunkhouse have suddenly turned red.

The sunflowers are still blooming!

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