Friday, September 23, 2011


I know I've waxed poetic about my weekly LoveBombs before, so I'll keep this short. This week's bomb really got me. It was for the family of a twelve year old Virginia boy who died in the flash flood. A freak accident, and a family that has had a hole ripped in it.

The specific post was by his Aunt - her words from his service. And let me tell you, it is so powerful and a reminder that we often get our priorities seriously skewed as adults. You should go and read it - no pressure to leave a comment at all - her words are incredible and worth a read.

At the gist of it were these guidelines, pulled from the life lived by this young man:

"Be Kind.
Pay Attention.
Never Give Up.
Share Others' Joy.
And every day- tell your loved ones how treasured they are."

The one that hit closest to home was Play. Here's what she said, "Play. Be creative, experiment, think things through from every angle and share my gifts with the world. When I enjoy something, I want to enjoy it BIG. And play together. Throw a ball in the yard, even if the to-do list beckons. Snuggle and chat at bedtime, even if it is late."

Wow. Thanks, Jack.

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