Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to the Bunkhouse

Yes... we are back in the bunkhouse. Today we had a day off (owed from last weekend), so we went to town for breakfast and to check out a couple of photo galleries. Then we came back and made the move. I forget how much "stuff" we have with us! I'll have to be really organized in getting it all packed up to travel in a month. Jason took advantage of the opportunity to mostly pack up his clothing. After all, he'll only be here until he leaves on his road trip September 29. After that, he'll be here a few nights at the most when he returns from his trip, and then we're off to Florida with the dog and the hummer.

The bonuses on the move to the bunkhouse? DirecTV. Oh yes - no more DVDs and Hulu (although that may continue as well...). Also, the heater in our cabin was hooked up to a smallish propane tank, one that runs out on occasion or on which the pilot will go out unexpectedly. By moving back into the bunkhouse (which has central heat), we eliminate the need for anyone to have to come and help me every time the wall heater needs service. Plus, I'm not out on the edge of the ranch buildings like we were - and with Coyotes very present on the property, plus the occasional bear or wolf, I'll be a little more comfortable alone for three weeks.

So, we're back in the bunkhouse. This is the beginning of the end of our season. Wow.

Oh! And quick update, my parents' visit to the ranch for my birthday has been approved! Hooray!

Indy doesn't care much where he sleeps, as long as Froggy is with him!

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  1. YAY!!!!!!! SO glad you'll be with your family on your birthday. I miss you tons!