Monday, July 18, 2011

Where's Waldo? and other adventures

Howdy-ho, neighbor!

Thought I'd update you on the many adventures we've been having here in Wyoming. This past weekend, we got to visit with my parents again, and with my sister and brother-in-law who were in West Yellowstone, too! Separate blog to come!

Life is busy as always here on the ranch. Here are a few of the high/lowlights we've been experiencing.

-After months of winter weather, it's damn hot here! I try to garden in the morning while it's not smoldering hot and work in the shade or inside during the afternoon.

-All the baby birds have hatched out in the last month or so. There's this baby Robin that keeps popping up in my flower pots and the greenhouse all over the property. He's surprised Jason, too. So I've named him Waldo, and everyday I play the game, Where's Waldo? (Disclaimer - I have no proof that this is the same Waldo every day, I just like to think it is and will continue to think so!) I never have my camera on me when Waldo pops up - wish I did - he's so stinkin' cute!

-We are living in moth and cotton hell. The moth hatch happened two weeks ago, and since then we have literally been living in moth hell. Every day I vacuum them up, and the next day there are a hundred dead ones on the floor - again. Last night when we got home, there were a thousand (this is not an exaggeration, folks) moths flying around in our cabin. Our solution to get rid of at least 50% of them? Turn off all the lights in the cabin, turn ON the porch light and open the door. The other solution? Indy. He thinks it's a game. All night long you hear the tap, tap, tap of his little feet dancing as he catches them, crunches them to death and drops them on the floor. I lifted up his dog bed last week and found a moth cemetery under there. It's really disgusting, and I usually find bugs pretty cool. This is approaching horror film status. Hopefully the population will decrease shortly.

-As far as cotton hell goes, the cottonwood trees are all doing their annual cotton shedding. It looks like it's snowing, but it's 90 degrees out. There's "snow" all over the ground and it gets stuck in the treads of your shoes and the dog's paws. Then it gets tracked into the cabin and mixed with the dead moths. Another reason to vacuum and sweep everyday. I'll take the cotton over the moths any day, though!

-Indy is officially an off-leash ranch doggie! He now walks to and from the greenhouse and garden (and elsewhere around the ranch) while off-leash! He spent the whole weekend with family off-leash! The only thing he can't do is roam on his own all day like the other dogs without me watching him - we're working towards that, though. AND our sweet Indy, who has always HATED water has suddenly become a lab or a retriever - he chased a buoy in Quake Lake at least thirty times on Sunday! Here's a little video of him thinking he's a lab:

-We are in the countdown to three weeks straight of guest madness.

-Just found out that they're hiring two new girls - one to spend the day in the kitchen with Tony, doing dishes and helping with meals and another to take over Savannah's job when she leaves for school in a few weeks. This means that I will still have HELP, even after Savannah and Robbie leave. :) Sweet, blessed relief.

-Most of the big flower barrels are really looking gorgeous. Here's my favorite:

-Check out this Zucchini I found growing UNDER the Squash Plant - It's next to a normal one in the photo so you can get perspective. Then the next photos are bell peppers and beets!

-Do you remember THIS BARREL? Here it is again!

So that's the quick(ish) update on life here in Wyoming! Check back for a post on our weekend with the fam!

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