Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mom and Dad

We were so happy to have my parents stay at the Ranch for a few days this past weekend. They came in on Friday and headed out on Monday.

Dad on Hawk, Me on Goldie, Mom on Chewie and Savannah on Apache.

Fortunately, the Ranch was guest free and the bosses were very kind to let them come and stay in one of the cabins. They even got to have Tony's amazing food! We had Saturday and Sunday off which meant lots of quality time with my parents.

Jason stole my dad a lot for "man time", but who can blame him? I don't know anyone who doesn't love my dad, and Jason has really grown attached to him. It's really cute. :)

We talked, ate, played cars, spent hours in Wal-Mart and explored Cody. We even went out on a beautiful trail ride with Savannah for a few hours - the best way to see the territory around the ranch! Jason is practicing his documentary photography skills on horseback in preparation for the Pack Trip he's going on in August so I have lots of shots of our ride together! Thanks, honey! The only bummer is that Jason isn't IN any of the photos.

It was so great to have Mom and Dad here - I've been in low spirits since they left - I didn't get homesick until I saw them.

Something else to look forward to? My sister Kelli and brother-in-law Jeff flew in to West Yellowstone today for a week with my parents. Jason and I are headed there on Saturday and will spend part of Saturday and most of Sunday with them. Can't wait!

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