Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fears and Dreams

We received two care packages in the mail today from Jason's mom and Grandma. They were a treasure trove of greatness, but in it was the DVD of True Grit (the new one). I loved this movie when it came out, and we have it playing in our cabin right now.

I think what resonated most with me is the courage of a young girl - fearless in pursuit of what she believed was right.

I wish I could be more fearless in my life. Sometimes I can be downright fearful.

I follow Donald Miller's blog (he's one of my favorite writers) and a few days ago he wrote this post on Facing your Fears to Live Your Dreams. And in it he asks, What is Your Greatest Fear and What is Your Greatest Dream? I can honestly say that I don't have an answer - I have lots of fears and lots of dreams, and to be honest, most of my dreams are tied up in my fears - fears of failure, of being inadequate or not good enough, fears of rejection.... Which is my greatest fear? I can't say. What is my greatest dream? I think that's fluid right now. But tied up in there somewhere is to be a person that makes a difference, somehow, some way.

And the thought is, if you can solidly identify your greatest dream and fear, you can get underway in tackling them.

Is your greatest fear tied to your greatest dream? Do you even have a clear idea of what that is? Or are you more like me - bound to several fears, unsure of what the greatest is, that one thing that's really holding you back?

Food for thought on a Thursday.

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