Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love Me Some Yoga

Last night was Tuesday night. Which also means it was YOGA night! The night that Heidi and I escape from the ranch and go have some "me" time at the J-9 (Pronounced Jay Bar Nine) Ranch.

Danielle (who coincidentally used to have my job here at the Hawkeye for two years) is a certified Yoga teacher and offers a Tuesday night class at the Ranch where she currently works.

This was the second week that I got to attend.

Yoga is awesome. Danielle is awesome. That kind of stretching and conditioning and strength training is exactly what I need - I'm using muscles that I've ignored since we arrived in Wyoming. And let me tell you, after three and a half months of no dance or any real core training, my balance is shameful. SHAMEFUL. But I'm working on it.

My body is sore - but it's good sore. The kind of sore that let's you know that you had a good work out.

Did I mention I love Yoga? Can't wait until next Tuesday!

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  1. Yoga is awesome! So glad you're enjoying it :) We're home tonight if you wanna Skype. Caity is in bed by 7:30.