Monday, September 13, 2010


Solange and I at Disney's California Adventure, about to ride Toy Story Midway Mania, July 2010!

This week, it's Solange's turn!!!

I first met Solange my freshman year, though she doesn't remember it. We had Freshman English together, and it was her first year in Public school after a lifetime in Catholic school.

We didn't become good friends until our Sophomore year. We both ended up in Advanced Dance that year, and when the Advanced team was "required" to be a part of the Spring Musical, Solange and I were two of only THREE members who remained in Advanced for the Spring Semester. That musical was "Once Upon a Mattress", and if you want to read about how that period of time changed my life, you can click here!

What's important is that Solange became my dear friend, my best friend, during that important time in my life. It was also a major time in Solange's life, because it was during that show that she met the young man she would one day marry, Nik.

The three Advanced Dance Students who stuck it out at the Music Center, about to see CHICAGO at the Ahmanson Theatre. L to R: Connie, Me, Solange. May, 1998. We look very "Clueless" here.

Throughout high school, college and beyond we maintained our friendship, and it grew just as we did. I remember all the moments, watching her struggle through the many break-ups and get-togethers with Nik, and her joy when they were both on the other side of the growing - ready to make the next step - marriage.

Solangey and I at Trinity Lake, sometime in College. I think this is August 2002 or 2003.

She has stood by my side through some really tough times, always in my corner, always telling it exactly like it is. Solange says what she thinks and lives by what she believes.

Solange is a mom now - an incredible mother to her gorgeous daughter, Caitlin Erin Rohde. My incredible god-daughter has my name as her middle name, and I am so honored and humbled by that gesture. In fact, when Nik and Solange told me what her name would be, I cried.

That's me with Solange's daughter (and my god-daughter), Caitlin Erin Rohde.
Christmas Day, 2009.

Solangey, I love you. Thank you for being a better friend to me than I am to you - for being a ferocious friend and an inspiring mother. You are hilarious, kind, honest, loyal, patient (SOOO patient) and my family. You are the BEST.

If you want to check out the goings on of the Rohde Family, check out Solange's blog, here!

Solange and I on the way to her wedding ceremony, July 2006.