Friday, September 10, 2010

Orlando - Visit to "The Swamp"

Let me clarify, we did not spend a day at any swamp, we spent the day at "The Swamp" otherwise known as the Florida Gators Stadium in Gainesville. Or as I know, the object of Jason's college football affection and the former home of Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow.

I'm a college football girl, learned during my years at the University of Michigan while I cheered our Wolverines in the Big House. As part of the requirements of my Bachelors Degree, I came away from Michigan with a serious hatred for Ohio State, and a despisal of all things Ohio-an.

Breakfast, Gator style.

So - last Saturday, I found myself out in 92 degree weather, with 98% humidity, sitting in the sun wearing Gator gear (I felt a little like a traitor...) and cheering on the Florida Gators as they took on Miami Ohio. I've already expressed how I feel about teams from Ohio that wear the color red, so I was staunchly on the side of the Gators and the SEC today.

Outside of the stadium, pre-game. I love this pic. I also love that Jason will
willingly allow himself in photos if a gator game is involved.

Unfortunately, this was also the first game of the post Tim Tebow era, and while the Gators ultimately won, it was a rough win.

Phot taken from our seats in the third row!

Do you remember when the Michigan Wolverines lost to Appalachian State in their Season opener? It's a black spot on the football history of the University of Michigan, and something that is STILL discussed weekly on ESPN. It's also become a running joke during football season. Someone asks me where I went to school, I answer, and they say... "oooh - Appalachian State."

Well, during the Florida game (with the exception of the 2nd Quarter), I was seeing shades of Appalachian State. Poor Jason - I understood the look on his face better than he did. It was downright painful at times.

Jason doing the "Chomp".

But here's the good news - despite the smothering heat and the abyssmal win, Jason and I had amazing seats (row three in the end zone) and we had a great time!
92 Degrees with Thunder Storms. Welcome to Florida!

For me, it was just heaven being back in a College football stadium and getting swept up in the cheering, booing and college fanaticism!

Swamp Cooler - Now I finally understand them.

Hopefully next year we can dress Jason up in some Go Blue wear and head to Ann Arbor for the beautiful fall color and my Wolverines!

I did say fanaticism, right? What you can't see is the dried
gator head on top of the stick shift inside!

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