Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flower Girl Dress Shopping!

The monkey, post-shopping.

This morning, Solangey and I took Caity shopping for her little flower girl dress. Solange was dreading it, because Caity is at an age where she just wants to go all the time, and is nearing her terrible twos!

It wasn't so terrible though, and Caity looked precious (as expected!) in everything!

Now, I won't tell you which one we chose (that's a surprise, and actually, Caity did most of the choosing by her reaction to each dress!), but I just had to share these photos of the precious little monkey!

And she only got a little cranky!

Enjoy the photos of the precious little monkey!

Front and back of Dress Three:

Front and Back of Dress Two:

The Back and Front of Dress One:


  1. YAY!!! My little monkey is so cute! I am so happy with the one we chose. She is going to look super awesome :)

  2. she's soooo adorable! And what a happy fun color you chose! Can't wait to see you all!