Sunday, October 7, 2012

Black Holes

One of the things that I've never liked about auditioning are the black holes that always pop up. A black hole is an actor or actress (or other type of performer) who spends all of their energy in the waiting room making sure everyone else knows how amazing they are, and tries to psyche others out of their focus. I have always hated these black holes - for their vanity, insane self confidence and negative energy they put out in an audition room. More than once, I've let them psyche me out of the quality audition I should have given. They make me crazy!

I'm back to auditioning this week after a year and a half hiatus. There have been plenty of black holes, that's for sure. The difference this time is that I don't care. I'm not intimidated, I don't question my abilities, I don't let it throw me off my game. Maybe it's age, maybe it's self acceptance, maybe it's sheer fed up-ness (there's a new word for you!), but I've been able to finally ignore it enough to get my work done. I still notice it, though, and am now seeing the extreme insecurity that comes with it.

Moral of the story? Don't be a black hole in anything you do. Those around you will be grateful not to have the big, self centered, energy sucking void around. Try tome positive energy instead and see how far it takes you!

My week of auditions and interviews is coming to an end. As with anything, there was lots of good and a little bit of bad. I'd say that it was a pretty good week. But I am soooo ready to drive to Atlanta tomorrow and get ready for our European extravaganza! I'm hoping to post from Europe at least a few times, so be sure to check back here!

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