Friday, September 28, 2012

Another Ending

We're here. I cannot believe it, but a year and a half after the adventure began it is changing. At the end of March, 2011 we left our lives in California, headed to Yellowstone Country in Wyoming. A year and a half later we're done - and we have both been forever changed by our time here and the people we've met. We leave in the morning, early. It will be dark when we go and I we won't be able to see this incredible place as we leave. But I know that we will always tell stories about the two summers we spent in Wyoming - an entire year of our lives - and that neither of us will ever regret our time spent here. For our marriage, for us as individuals, this time has been defining - and I expect we won't realize the extent of it until we're away.

I have always had trouble coping with big changes. I am hugely sentimental, and quick to tears. For someone who has trouble with change, I have surely sought out more change in the last 15 years than most people I know. And always, ALWAYS change is a good thing - but it is so difficult to say goodbye for now. Yet that is exactly what I'm doing right now - saying goodbye for now - and trusting that what comes next will be just as incredible and defining as this has been.

But for now, there are tears. Tomorrow morning there will again be tears as we drive away. And then later the excitement will come - the hope of the unknown - and the tears will fade. But I know this with all that's inside of me:

Our adventure continues, and what an incredible journey it has been so far.

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  1. YAY!!! A new adventure waits for you two. You've made lasting memories at the ranch and it's so sad to move on but I know you'll have a great time with whatever life brings for you next :) Can't wait to see you!!!