Monday, October 29, 2012

Ciao, Bella

It's our last whole day in Paris and tomorrow we flight back to the US if Hurricane Sandy cooperates. We have had an absolute blast these last three weeks - I cannot wait to recap them here on the blog and for you to see Jason's amazing photos over on his blog as well!

We are exhausted - we've been averaging about ten miles walking per day for three weeks. But this journey has been truly amazing! A fitting cap to the adventure we've been on since April 2011. Our adventure is changing now - just taking on a different shade.

We go back to Orlando and I immediately begin rehearsals for a production of Sondheim's COMPANY as Susan. This is a show I've wanted to be a part of for at least a dozen years and I'm excited to get the chance! I'm ready to act again, to brush off the dust and get back to work. I've found a new agent that I'm really excited about. I finally get to really unpack. We're ready to get to work on Jason's ETSY shop for the holidays and get me prepared for a few big auditions that are coming up.

All good things to come home to and look forward to.

But I wish we were going to be in Europe a week longer!

So - Ciao, Europe! You've been lovely! I'll see you next time!

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  1. Awesome picture with the gargoyles! I hope you got to enjoy your extra few days thanks to the hurricane!!!