Saturday, September 15, 2012


I often get hung up on the passing of time. Especially at times when I know change is coming soon. So here's a list of times that have been on my mind this week:

-Two weeks exactly until we leave the Hawkeye. We'll have lived here for exactly one year out of the last year and a half.
-One month and one day until my 30th birthday. Wow. I feel like I was just excited to turn 13, 16, 21, 25... Now 30 is here.
-One month and one day until I spend my 30th birthday in ROME. Yes... Rome!
-2 1/2 weeks until our 2nd wedding anniversary. What a HUGE couple of years we've had!
-4 weeks since I started training with Caleb and 2 weeks since I kicked up my workouts with extra cardio and ballet barre.
-2 weeks of training with Caleb left to go.
-8 days until I hope I get to meet up with my dad in West Yellowstone.
-Almost two months since baby Oliver was born and I still haven't been able to snuggle him.
-About two months or so until I hopefully get to see Mom, Dad, Kelli, Jeff, Solange, Nik, Caity and Olly.
-Twenty days until I have my first Orlando Audition. Hence, the kicked up cardio workouts.
-28 days until we embark on our Med cruise in Barcelona!
-3 1/2 months until my mom celebrates a big birthday!
-7 years - Our sweet dog Indy is SEVEN today! He has graduated to Senior dog food!
-3 Days until our last group of guests for the season leaves. Wow.

And I'm sure there are more I'll be stewing on today. But man... you blink and time just FLIES!

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  1. LOL you lost me about 4 line items in. That's a lot going on! ENJOY ROME!!!!!