Thursday, August 9, 2012

Into the Nuthouse

This ranch has been a nuthouse.

We have had nonstop guests since just after the 4th of July. I'm not kidding, folks. Our guests have come in early (surprise!) and stayed late (surprise again!) making this 24 hour period I'm in right now the first guest free time we've had in more than a month.

As a staff, we're exhausted. There's been so much happening around here. 2 1/2 weeks ago, our chef got fired. For a week, we traded off cooking meals for staff and guests alike while they looked for a new one. Jason and I took on the major bulk of cooking (since we make such a good team), but let me tell you... I was so excited to see our new Chef arrive.

She's awesome. Yes... she. Totally down to earth, hard worker, makes great food that Jason swears has crack in it it's so addictive, and doesn't have any of the ego issues that you find in many (generalization here - don't jump down my back!) male chefs. Also, she's been feeding rockstars on tour forever (her first personal chef gig was for Ozzy Osbourne) so she's used to demands and interesting personalities. It's tough to ruffle her feathers. Which is GREAT around here. So... THANK YOU for joining us at the Hawkeye, Chef Ashley! I am so grateful you're here!

What else? After every 14 hour workday, Jason and I have been joining the guests in the movie theatre for Olympics viewing. Which has made us even more exhausted. But... the Summer Olympics only come every four years, so we are fighting through the exhaustion to cheer on Team USA. And of course, we were rooting for Michael Phelps and Misty and Kerry - whom it seems we've been cheering on forever!

Our next group comes in tomorrow - a couple of really nice guys who were here last summer and will be joining Jason on the pack trip that leaves on Monday morning.

Super excited for the men to leave on the pack trip - it means three days of peace and quiet and sleep and reading and time off here on the ranch. I'm booking a massage. :) I'll miss Jason, but man.... I'm so ready for some downtime. And besides - he'll be way deep in the back country, shooting some new amazing photographs. Can't wait to see what he comes home with.

So now you know why I'm tired and this blog has been so quiet. A guest flooded the laundry room yesterday and told me there was only a little water on the floor. When I walked in and found the flood, I cursed like a sailor and then started sobbing. Eventually I got it together and cleaned it up. But not until my emotional tide had ebbed. First time I've cried all summer - a major improvement over last year.

Still... this is an amazing place to live and work. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that several times a day. Especially when it's a nuthouse.

I can't wait for a whole day off!

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