Monday, May 28, 2012

More Memorial Snow

Well, I promised that I would repost if our Memorial Snowfall became more epic. And it did.

Saturday morning we woke to eight more inches of snow. Since the ground is no longer frozen, it melted gradually from the bottom all day, turning the entire ranch into mud city. We all were off after lunch on Saturday. Everyone left the ranch except Jason and I. As the snow started all over again, falling in big fluffy flakes, Jason and I made pizza for dinner and then had a big fire in the lodge fireplace, and played cards while we watched the snow fall outside. It was awesome.

Sunday we woke to another six inches of snow, and decided that we were going to town to do some shopping and go the movies. Another date day. We saw MIB3 (which was great, and makes me want to watch the first one again) and then headed back up to the Ranch, where all of the snow had melted off during the day.

Today, we woke up to no snow, but a gloomy, cold, rainy day, so we stayed in bed until 3:30 this afternoon watching movies!

Not the sunniest or warmest Memorial Day weekend, but certainly a restful and beautiful one.

Enjoy the photos!

Saturday morning outside our cabin.

Jason took a TON of photos. Hopefully they'll be up on his blog soon.

This is Allen's dog, Toby. Check out his snow beard. Awesome!

The construction equipment covered in snow with a spectacular backdrop.

We live here. Seriously.

I shot this first thing in the morning from our cabin porch. Pretty, ain't it?

On the left you see Indy prints. On the right? Grizzly prints. BIG grizzly. Indy was trying to track him.

Stopped for a photo op on the way into town on Sunday. This was about where the snow stopped, and you can see the whole valley where we live in the background. It was CRAAAAAZY windy.


  1. I love all you pictures :) I wish we were there playing with you all in the snow.