Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Snow 2012

Last year, we had a bunch of snow on Memorial Day weekend. Here's what it looks like THIS year!

Yes. In Wyoming, we're not even clear of frost until the middle of June, so another year of Memorial Weekend snow is really just normal. And you know the best part of late May snow on the ranch? It kills ALL the ticks that have hatched. Three cheers for another season free of ticks!

So here are some photos from the Hawkeye of our 2012 Memorial Weekend snow. And you know? It's supposed to snow ALL WEEKEND. So, because of the weather and the holiday crowds, we're planning to hang tight - here at the ranch and a visit to Cody. We're off half the day tomorrow, and all day Sunday and Monday. After all, Jason wants to play in the snow, and Indy does too. :)

If the snow becomes truly epic, I'll update with photos. If it keeps snowing the way it is right now (and it's supposed to until Sunday night), we may not be able to get out our door in the morning! After all, there are several more inches of snow on the ground right now than there were when I took these photos. And honestly, nothing would make Jason happier, because like a true Floridian, he loves the snow. In fact there's a story about him and snow. I'll have to make sure he's okay with it, and share it with you one of these days.

By the way, happy Memorial Day Weekend! Don't forget to celebrate the day - and thank a vet while you're at it. Because of their sacrifices, we live in the best country on Earth.

Now? Back to one of my absolute favorite movies, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!

(For those of you with a love for Indy - check out this video of Jason and Indy playing in the snow!)


  1. So much fun!!! Enjoy your snow :) Let's try to Skype again on Wednesday maybe.

  2. Snow?1 I feel like it's the twilight zone LOL or that this post was actually written in February. Enjoy the weekend by a fireplace with a good sounds so cozy :)