Monday, May 7, 2012

Indy's Big Day

We've been crazy busy on the ranch. And when I say crazy busy, I really do mean exactly that. Anyhow, in the midst of the madness, our pup Indy had a VERY big day today!

Indy's been a little depressed since we took him away from my parents' lab (and Indy's girlfriend), Sierra. He got to spend two idyllic months with her, and was seriously happy as a clam. It seems that not even the ranch could cheer him up, since all he really wants to do here is chase horses and steer, both of which are big no-no's and have resulted in him being on a lead or leash any time he's outside.

So, Indy's Grandma and G-G-Ma (great grandma) sent him a cheer up package today. Yes - It was actually addressed to our dog, care of the ranch. Heidi and JW's kids were SOOOOOOOO excited that a package had been delivered for Indy, that they insisted on bringing it to him right away. Then they were so excited to open it for him!

Indy's a smart dog - scary smart, actually - and he could smell who the box was from. He got all excited. When Tucker got the box opened, inside were two boxes of dog treats, four tennis balls, a squeaky duck, and a floppy raccoon (just like his floppy bunnies). THEN, Tucker proceeded to throw ALL of the tennis balls for Indy (insane delight!) while his sister squealed about how exciting this all was.

Indy was in heaven.

Indy's box of swag from Grandma and GGma.

About an hour later, our 40 pound Indy snapped his 25 foot lead that was rated for a 60 pound dog. He really is all muscle, and I shouldn't have been surprised. Still - next time we'll go for 80 pounds.

Snapped lead line. Wow.

Then it all took a turn for the worst - we've been threatening to saddle him with the cone of shame for a week if he didn't stop licking the wound on his leg. Well - it's cone time. Poor Indy.

At least he has his new Raccoon to keep him company tonight!

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  1. oh, cone of shame.... It's so funny that they sent him all that stuff! He is seriously one spoiled dog!