Friday, August 12, 2011

Buried in Tomatoes

Yesterday I opened up my email to find the sweetest message from my dear friend Jessi who wrote, "I hope the blog absence means you're just crazy busy and off having adventures, and does not indicate that you've been burried under pounds of beautiful tomatoes or lost in a sink of sudsy water in dirty dish purgatory." I just started laughing since I actually have been buried under pounds of beautiful tomatoes and lost in dirty dish purgatory.

All that goes to say that the last three and a half weeks have been INSANE here on the ranch. We're exhausted. And that's the truth. The good news? We're in the home stretch of madness, with a party that starts tonight (Friday) and ends in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Yes - you read that correctly. This is a 36 hour party. Needless to say, our bosses can throw a serious shindig.

But after that shindig? This group of guests leaves on Sunday, and then we have a couple of guys trickling in slowly throughout next week, getting ready to leave on their pack trip next Friday.

What am I going to do when all the guys head off for their week long pack trip? Sleep. Water plants. Clean slowly. Get a massage and a hair cut. And spend some quality book time in a hammock.

Can't wait.

In the meantime? I offer this as proof that I am actually buried under pounds of beautiful tomatoes. I harvested two HUGE baskets of the suckers today. Here's one of them:

Thank God Tony likes to use lots and lots of fresh tomatoes. :)

My snack break is over and it's back to work I go with the help of another cup of coffee. (Hi-ho!)


  1. Hi Ho! Poor you :( I miss you tons and tons! We can skype when your 36 hour party is over. That sounds nuts. I love the tomatoes-our neighbor grows them too and they are SO good!!

  2. I made the blog! he he :) So happy to hear from you, and know that you are still alive under your tomatoes. And what gorgeous tomatoes they are. And I think I'll take your post as a cue that I too need a massage and a haircut. Thanks for the reminder :)