Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Pack Trip that Almost Wasn't

For months (literally since April 1), I've heard talk around the ranch of, "When we go on our pack trip, we'll..." The pack trip was supposed to leave at 4:30am on Friday. At 5:30am, when Jason woke me up - again - and dropped off his suitcase in our cabin, I knew that something had happened. You should go read his account of it, because it really was a no good, very bad day.

It was even bad for me. I was happy to have Jason around for another day, but really, I was totally bummed that the boys weren't gone, might not even go and I would lose the chance for a couple of days of peace and relaxation which I desperately needed. (WOW - talk about a run-on sentence!)

Fortunately for me (and Jason who REAAAALLLLY wanted to go), they finally left on Saturday morning after a drastic change of plan and shortening the trip by two days. They rode out from the Ranch about 10am, headed up the Deer Creek (aka Widow-maker) trail into the Thoroughfare, where three rivers meet and flow down to form Yellowstone Lake - at least to my understanding.

Me? I saw them off, and then hauled butt to get ready and go to town for a haircut, which I desperately, DESPERATELY needed.

Then I proceeded to HULU myself (and Indy) to death for the rest of the day and this morning, catching up on the last four weeks of So You Think You Can Dance (which I love). Indy was not as enthused about the dance show as I was, but I think he enjoyed the snuggle time. :) And when he wasn't snuggling, he was chasing flies, so I'd say he's pretty happy. Personally, I took a break to Skype with Solange and to sleep. Otherwise - it was about 8 solid hours of dance. Love it. :)

Me? After a day and a half off, being totally irresponsible and watching WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much TV, I feel... GREAT. :)

Back to work tomorrow!

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