Friday, August 26, 2011

What's next?

It's been five months since we started our adventure, in another two months we'll be done.

So... What's next for Jason and Erin?

Well, I'm so glad you asked!

Our original plan was to be here in Wyoming only until the end of August. In May we found out that there was a mistake in the dates and that we'd be here until "sometime" in October. Right now, that looks to be somewhere around October 24. What this meant for me was the loss of my caroling season since rehearsals start in September. What this meant for us was that we'd be able to save even more money!

Since we don't have to rush back to California so I can get to caroling rehearsals (don't get me started, every time I think about the fact that I won't be singing this season I want to cry), we decided to go with the original plan and spend some time footloose and fancy free on vacation.

From Wyoming, we'll head to Orlando, FL to spend a couple of weeks with Jason's family. How quickly we'll drive there depends on how late in October we finish up here at the ranch. Nov 5 we board a cruise ship for a week in the Eastern Caribbean (this will also be our One Year Anniversary Celebration, a month late!).

We'll come back, spend a few more days with Jason's family and then head back across the United States, arriving in LA the week before Thanksgiving.

We'll spend Thanksgiving through Christmas with my family in LA, where hopefully I'll be able to pick up some sub work, both caroling and teaching, and Jason will pick up work of some kind.

After Christmas? It's BACK across the US to Florida (with Indy in tow). We'll go on ANOTHER cruise, this time in the Western Caribbean, for Jason's Aunt Irene's 80th Birthday Bonanza!

After the cruise, we'll fly to Paris (leaving Indy in Orlando with his Grandma and Great Grandma) for a week of Museums and Food and Photos. From Paris, we're off to South Africa and Bridges of Hope (click the link and go check it out!) to spend two weeks working in any way they need and visiting with my dear friend Steph!

We'll fly back to Florida, pick up Indy and our car, then drive BACK across the US to Los Angeles for a few weeks with my fam before we....

....come back to Wyoming for another Season at the Hawkeye.

Obviously, these are just PLANS. Plans change all the time, but I thought it was time for an update. :)

Hope all is well where you're at!

And here are some photos from the last week or so at the ranch!

Harvested onions curing before they can be used.

Yukon Gold Potatoes, fresh from the ground.

Indy, as I found him in our bed.

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