Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Makes Me Happy

If you read my blog you already know it's been a rough/busy week or so. Instead of harping on that (cause who wants to hear it anyway?), I thought I'd share images of some of the things that make me happy around here! (And truth be told, even when it's a bit of a crappy week, we're still VERY happy here!)

Visiting Yellowstone and Teton with Jason.

Hiking to places like this!

Crazy looking zucchini from the garden.

Hammocks and lawn chairs around a fire pit.

Cosmos. Ain't she sweet?

Fat, happy sunflowers.

Seeing all these blooms every day.

Blue Bachelor's Button Cornflowers like this little guy.

Green leaves returning to trees.

Clean cabins ready for guests.

Fat little Robins that make me feel like Mary in the Secret Garden.

And these guys...


  1. Miss your face!! Loved seeing the pics...and are you kidding me with all those flowers?! They're gorgeous!!

  2. All those flowers look amazing!!! Good job!!!