Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More than a week?

Since I've blogged?!

Seriously - the days have FLOWN. We're in the last few days of our first round of guests here at the ranch, and life has been a whirlwind.

The guests are great people and fun to be around. Man, am I tired, though! Because I'm such a zombie still, I'm going to save a REAL post for a few more days and just show you some more of the things that make me happy around here. :)

OH! The flowers finally went out last Wednesday, and look GORGEOUS, dahhhhling! And I got to go for a horse ride with our wrangler (Savannah) today while the guests were all off on a fishing expedition.

And it was sunny and didn't rain today. :) Life is good!

Small update: After dinner, one of the dogs, Buddy, got his leg stuck and we think it's broken in multiple places. They've run him into town to the Emergency Vet, but I'm really worried about him. He's an old golden retriever with arthritis, and the sweetest dog. I'm partial to him after sharing the bunkhouse with him for two months. So... please say a prayer that sweet Buddy will be alright. Thanks!

The red, white and blue window boxes ready to go out on the lodge.

The Pink and Purple window boxes ready to go out on the Deer Creek Cabin.

Heirloom tomatoes, fresh from the garden. :)

Happy Zinnias - do you see the little stars surrounding the center?

Little Tristan's outfit this morning - THREE skirts, and under the skirts and fuzzy jacket, two bathing suits and a pair of too small leggings. My kind of girl! (I love it when they pick out their own outfits!)


  1. Thanks for the tour while we were hanging out on the 20th! I still LOVE your greenhouse, have been raving about it to everyone who will listen back here in MN! I hope Buddy's ok, all the dogs up there were so nice.

  2. Hey, any update on Buddy? You have us still worried!

  3. Okay! I just saw these comments, and somehow didn't get an email about them! Buddy is doing great - turns out that his leg was not broken, his arthritis is SO bad that being stuck in that position, made him completely unable to put any weight on that leg at all. He's now got some arthritis meeds, and in the morning can be seen prancing around the ranch again. :) He's a sweet, sweet dog. And Rachel, you're very welcome for the tour! Finally finished the garden and it's looking great!