Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moving... Eh.

Thank God for Grandma Joyce. :) Jason's Grandma Joyce has been here to visit and help us pack for the last two weeks. She is FAR more organized than I am, and has been able to help us back a few boxes a day.

Now, though, we're down to the dregs - the awkward items that don't really belong anywhere and that I've been avoiding going through.

But we're getting there. Two more days to pack it all up and then it's time to move it all out. We've been packing the storage unit as we go, to get the boxes out of the house. But still - packing to store everything for six months and simultaneously packing luggage for six months of varied climates (Spring and Summer in Wyoming, early Fall in Florida) involves some serious thought. I can't wait until it's all packed and stored. But, who really likes moving?

Last weekend we moved all of my potted plants to my parents house - mom is going to babysit all of them and nurse a couple of sick roses for me. Here's what our front yard looked like when we pulled out all the pots and plants. My parents are very good people to take on all of these!

The potted plant forest from my house.

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