Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day One!

Here's a photo journal of our first day - 750 miles of Driving from my parents house in Torrance to Salt Lake City.

The breakfast of champions!

We passed this guy just outside of Baker. He doesn't look too happy with me. Wish I was able to get a wider shot of this car - Crazy!

Our only stop in Las Vegas. The place Jason lost his sunglasses that I have hated as long as I've known him. (So sad. Poor Jason, yay Erin!) The place that welcomes dogs like Indy: Bass Pro Shops. My dad was so proud!

Short stop in Zion National Park.

Family photo in Zion. Indy is only allowed in parking lots inside National Parks, and is none to happy about being picked up.

This is what the interior of a car carrying everything for six months looks like.

Indy looking regal in his backseat nest. He's very good at traveling.

Petting zoo at the Flying J Travel Plaza in the middle of nowhere, Utah. There was a baby zebra there - we're not sure where they got it, but it must have been cold.

Jason shot this with my camera as he was driving. Pretty! Shortly thereafter we drove into Provo and then into snow between Provo and Salt Lake City.

Good place to stop for the night. Classy? Not really. Cheap, clean and Indy friendly? Yes. And I slept like the dead!

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  1. Great pictures! I still can't believe you guys drove that much in one day!