Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last year, in March, I wrote THIS POST about a couple of trashy young 8th Graders and a condom.

Go, read it (it's worth it), and then come back to this post.

Today, I was reluctantly subbing High School Spanish at a local school. (As an aside - I feel like I've totally checked out of subbing. If I never subbed another class in my life, I'd die happy.) Last class of the day - in walks one of those two girls - the "Queen Bee".

The good person inside of you sort of hopes that in a year, at a different school, that she would have matured some. Or at least realized that she's not God's gift to horny teenage boys.

And part of you (the jaded sub who hates children) hopes she's still a snide, miserable bitch.

The nasty side of me won today. Not only is she RETAKING Spanish 1 (and STILL failing), she spent the class period staring at herself in a mirror and fixing her caked-on makeup. She was the ONLY student in her class who DIDN'T complete the classwork. She didn't even PRETEND to try to do it.

Not only is she dumb as a rock, but she's cruel to other students.

And you know what? Beauty fades.

And the little negative person inside of me rejoices.

How awful is that? And how wonderful, too!

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  1. From NIK,

    I love you erin, I wish that you would write a book about your trials!

    gfxjbbbbbbbbbbbbbjbbjbjbjjjjjjjgbttttttbbgggbgggggggggggmjb-that is from Caity