Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Countdown Week

I wrote this while we were driving yesterday on highway 15 somewhere in the middle of Utah. Currently it is 7 am in Salt Lake City and Jason is sound asleep, so my post on our Adventure, Day 1 is forthcoming. In the meantime, here's a recap of our final week in Southern California (at least until the fall!).

The last week was jam packed. Not only was Jason’s G’ma Joyce still visiting with us (she was so wonderful!), we attended the Girl Talk Concert at the Hollywood Palladium (we bought tickets way back in December, long before we knew that this would be our last week in Southern California for a while). Thursday was Jason’s birthday - which we celebrated with dinner at Jason’s favorite establishment, Chik-Fil-A. He is so Southern, and so cute! In preparation for our time in Wyoming, he received a throwing tomahawk, a throwing knife, a book on hikes in Yellowstone and a bunch of cash.

G'ma Joyce and Caity put a coaster hat on Maddie.

Jason’s mom (Catherine) and stepdad (Bob) came into town to help us (along with my family and G’ma Joyce) get moved into our storage unit. Our entire house fit into a 10 foot by 10 foot storage unit, stacked up like tetris. Wish I had a picture of that.... but I'm sure you can imagine it!

Indy’s been going through his own abandonment issues - boxes and packing really stress him out. He was able to release his stress with two days at my parents house, playing with his girlfriend Sierra, their 85 pound lab. By playing, I mean constant rolling, running, playing and... humping. Indy’s totally in love with Sierra. Fortunately, everyone is fixed and since it’s almost impossible to keep Indy from doing the humphumphump, we mostly give up on it and let them have a good time. Sierra doesn’t seem to mind. :)

Uncle Joe drives Caity around the house on his walker. She LOVED it!

Last night we had a bbq with all of our in-town family. Aside from the usual suspects (My parents, Jason’s parents, G’ma Joyce, my sister Kelli and her husband Jeff), we had many members of my larger family. Aunt Laurie surprised everyone by driving up from San Diego and just walking in the front door. Papa Phil drove himself down. Auntie Ann and Uncle Joe came down. My cousin Kevin showed up. My best friend Solange, her husband Nik (also my good friend) and my two year old goddaughter Caitlin (aka Caity, aka Monkey) came over. At the end of the night we had a visit from Jerry and Lisa. The highlight for me was hours of play and pretend with my precious Caity. She is at SUCH a fun age right now! All afternoon she was constantly saying “Ready, Bears? Ready?! Ready, set, go!” and off we would go. (Bears is my nickname, and Caity thinks it’s my only name). In reality, Caity is Caitlin Erin - my little middle namesake - and I swear to you we are kindred spirits. I’m pretty sad to miss the next six months of her growing up - but hope she remembers me when I see her again in October!

Solange, Caity and I after hours of play!

So that recaps it! Check back for a post on our first day of driving!!!!!

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  1. When we moved east, we also packed all of our life into a 10x10 space (but on a truck) with the help of Nik! :)

    So excited to read about your adventure. It's like re-living the last couple years of my life, through you. This is going to be a time you will never forget. I think all newly married couples should have the opportunity for exploration. You grow so much and experience so much together.