Sunday, December 19, 2010

R.I.P. Stanley Sourdough

Poor Stanley... If you remember, my Sourdough Starter from last week was named Stanley. It's been a busy caroling season. I'm exhausted and concerned about my vocal health, my husband was sick all day yesterday, my god-daughter had her second birthday, Christmas is in less than a week. All excuses. I killed Stanley this week. I forgot to feed him for 3 days, which wouldn't be a problem if I was keeping him in the fridge. Instead, I starved him to death, and then he grew a layer of the strangest mold I've ever seen, floating right above his hooch. Poor Stanley.

Now I know something new about sourdough. Don't starve it. The results are no bueno. And don't start your sourdough during Caroling Season.

After the holidays, when life is slower and less Christmas driven, I will start again with Stanley 2. And when I get busy, I'll stick him in the fridge so he doesn't starve. :(

I'm a bad sourdough mama!