Saturday, December 18, 2010

More favorite Caroling Moments

*The happy family of Christmas-o-holics who stayed for our entire set at Disney and sang along to every song. We each thought they were friends of one of our quartet members - but they were not. They were just in the spirit of the season, and it was a joy to sing for them.

*More delirious, cannot be stopped laughter in the break room at Disney.

*Rogers the Red Nosed Reindeer - singing this on video for Rogers who is very, very sick, and praying that our voices will bring him joy as he fights for his health.

*The Rubiks Cube champion of the world sitting at one of our 5 Crowns tables.

*Gluten Free Cookies in the break room (Thank you, Dennys!)

*My husband's heroic drive to rescue me from a flat tire in the pouring rain - I made it to Summit House with 10 minutes to spare!

*The teenage boy with braces who took his date to dinner at the Summit House - too cute.

*The other teenage couple at the Summit House, who didn't know where to look and seemed embarassed that we were singing for them. As we walked away, Ben and I heard the girl say, "Wow. I really wish I could sing like that."

*Nate half dressed in his Knott's costume - tux shirt, cravat and vest with maroon boxers and wearing Charlie Brown's oversized shoes from the Christmas Tree-Lighting Show. I promised not to repost a picture here. TOO FUNNY.

I'll have one more batch of these favorite moments in a few days.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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