Friday, February 26, 2010

Wild couple of weeks.

So it has been an absolutely INSANE two weeks. In addition to continuing work on BACK TO THE 80s, we had auditions, casting, and the start of rehearsals for ALL SHOOK UP. I also worked sub jobs like a maniac, had an exploding and overcommitted personal life, and an audition today.

The audition today was for a Mercedes commercial - one that will air internationally only. I was called in for 1890s wife - which seems to be my genre more and more. And they wanted us to dress for the audition. SO - Nancy and Starlight loaned me the wardrobe, I did the hair (thank God for all those productions where the hair designer refused to let me wear a wig because I have the "ideal" hair - it only took me fifteen minutes for a pretty decent updo), and off I drove to Hollywood. Just imagine - a casting full of men and women dressed in 1890s period clothing. As I walked down Sunset Blvd., being stared at (or not... it is Hollywood after all - I looked almost normal in comparison to some), I just started to laugh. Then I walked into the waiting room, and was surrounded by people dressed similarly - it was hilarious. :) The audition went really well, and I had a great time. Now I wait, and I will either hear or not. But I feel really good about it, and if I've ever been right for a role, it's this one. Send up a little (or big) prayer for me if you get a chance. It would be a great opportunity to get some work! Here's a little pic I snapped at my car with my cell phone, just so you get an idea of the Gibson girl status.

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